Let’s be honest, all this ‘Oh, my inspiration is Audrey Hepburn’ — it’s good to dream like that, but you want it to look good in real life.
Idris Elba for Esquire – there’s video!

Recently, Esquire magazine named Idris Elba a next generation Hollywood star. Click here for the must see video featuring the ever debonair Idris – current generation star in our view!

From Esquire:

Exhibit A that Hollywood has been running low on male movie stars for some time now: When Tom Cruise bailed on Salt in 2008, the producers replaced him not with another man but with a woman — Angelina Jolie. (Who said the End of Men was all bad?) And yet things are starting to look up. Just last year, when Cruise opted not to pursue the role developed for him in Guillermo del Toro’s alien-invasion epic Pacific Rim, the producers found an actor with enough weight, intensity, and wattage to take his place: Idris Elba. The thirty-nine-year-old English actor is known primarily to viewers of prestige television, first as Baltimore’s Worst (drug kingpin Stringer Bell on The Wire) and more recently as London’s Finest (volatile cop John Luther on Luther), and this year and next will introduce him more formally to moviegoers the world over. First came Elba’s supporting role in this summer’s Prometheus, captaining a spaceship and warming Charlize Theron’s icy loins, which he’ll follow with Pacific Rim next summer and Long Walk to Freedom, a biopic of Nelson Mandela in which Elba walks tall as the great man himself. Cruise, as far as we know, was never even considered for the part. That’s progress.

Happy Birthday Whitney…forever glamorous in our hearts

Whitney Houston - vocalist, model, actor, mother, daughter, sister, friend…the list goes on. She would have been 49 today and she will never be forgotten. Our sincere thoughts are with her family and loved ones on this day as we belt out, dance along and enjoy her onscreen moments and many gifts she left the world.

Happy Birthday Whitney.

Global Grind Discusses Sol Afrik Search for Black Designers…the next Valentino

From Global Grind:

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is just around the bend and the biggest names in the industry will be taking the stage to showcase their fashions.

But on the sidelines and the outskirts of the Mercedes Benz tents are designers with just as much talent and breathtaking designs that are not accepted into the tent realms.

PHOTOS: Sol Afrik Fashion Week Set To Bring Diversity To New York’s Fashion Scene

That is where Sol Afrik comes in.

This year, a new alternative to showcasing fashions is forthcoming with the launch of Sol Afrik Fashion Week New York (September 21-28, 2012); a lavish multi-day event that will include displays of fashion and design, exhibitions and showroom display opportunities, along with world-class entertainment, receptions, networking events and after-parties.

This new international platform for the fashion industry gives voice and opportunity to emerging and exciting designers so they can be properly nurtured and showcased in a manner that will meet global industry standards.

But first, designers need to step it up. Sol Afrik is celebrating their premiere Fashion Week, and is noting a fear in designers emerging under a collective name, defeating the mission of Sol Afrik.

Read more: http://globalgrind.com/style/sol-afrik-searching-african-american-designers-details#ixzz22QcNOsOd


To correspond with his big retail push in the US and Europe for Spring 2013, Walter Steiger is releasing a new heel shape. The unicorn heel measures in at 6.69 inches and is inspired by an ivory tusk.  Conical in shape, the new style looks death defying but with the platform in the front and the mastery of Steiger behind the design, they are sure to be wearable and oh so chic! 

The collection will be out in stores like Bergdorf’s and Barney’s New York next spring.

-JK [images via StyleBistro]

Global Grind Covers Diversity of Sol Afrik Fashion Week! (Thanks Uncle Rush)

From Global Grind:

New York may finally be a city that is listening to the demands of the people.

After much complaining and debate about the lack of color present during New York Fashion Week, the New York Senate has recently passed a Resolution announcing September 21-28, 2012 as Sol Afrik Fashion Week.

This multi-day event not only marks a big week in fashion, but also a big week for designers of color, who are looking to showcase their talent and creativity on a much needed platform.

The purpose of Sol Afrik is to unite African, African-American and Caribbean fashion and design professionals whose work often goes unrecognized. Hopefully, Sol Afrik will not only bring further awareness to the talent of African designers, but also help bridge the gap in the diversity of models who grace the runway.

Read more on Global Grind and see featured pictures here: http://globalgrind.com/style/sol-afrik-fashion-week-diversity-new-yorks-fashion-scene-photos

Makeup for fashion networking events

Are you attending a blogger event or fashion mixer?  I’m sure that you have the perfect ensemble, but what about your face?  Makeup matters. Bloggers are known to be quirky and oftentimes attention seeking. (I’m a blogger; I can say that.) You never want to end up on photographed on your favorite fashion blog looking unremarkable. On the flip side, if you are meeting industry professionals; you want your visage to be as fashionable as the rest of your photo shoot fresh look.

Most women have a signature look. Use that to your advantage. I dig colorful shadow, thick liner and bold lips. Yup, I’m that girl. It’s my look. * shrugs * Now is not the time to try out that cool mermaid / peacock hybrid look that you saw on Youtube last night.  When you are networking, you want to feel confident enough to work a room.  Besides, if this a fashion gig then your outfit should do the talking.  You never want your face to distract from your fab new ‘fit.  You want to compliment it. (See also ”Attitude + Attire, Style Inspiration for Fashion Networking Events”)

Daytime event: For a daytime networking event, your best bet is a clean, sleek makeup application that looks great in natural light.  Neutral colors like browns, bronzes and even various shades of purples are great shadow colors for all skin tones. Instead of your normal mattifying finishing powder, try a golden bronzer.  I promise bronzer always makes you stand out in a crowd. Who doesn’t love the sunkissed look?  Milani Baked Bronzer is pretty amazing.  It mixes various golden and brown shades to reflect natural light on your skin in the most flattering way.

Milani Bronzer

For your lips, you cannot go wrong with a nude lipstick.  If your face has a bit of shimmer from your bronzer, try a matte or satin finish lippie.  I’m kinda in love with Clinique’s Butter Shine Lipstick in Delovely. It’s a perfect nude for women with darker skin.Clinique butter shine

Evening Event: Night time is the right time to sex up your look.  Yes, even for a networking event.  We’ll call it sophisticated sexy, though.  Think about it, fashion is sexy.   This may be the time to pull out that cat eye that you’ve been seeing EVERYWHERE.   Just remember that thin is in.  Use a thin angled brush or gel liner pencil to make your cat eye.  A heavy Alice Cooper ring around the eye makes you look more trashy than classy.  For your face, kill ‘em with a contour.  I like to call that the Kardashian plan.  (You know, those girl’s mugs are contoured to the heavens.)  For a quick and easy contoured look, use a brown shadow or blush that is two shades darker than your foundation.  With your blush brush and sweep that color from the deepest hollow of your cheek up to your temple. Afterward, just go back in with the same brush and soften the harsh lines.  Blend. Blend Blend.   For your lips try a deep statement color.  My new go-to lippie for nights when I need to impress is YSL VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY - Glossy Balm Crystal Color in Mouthwatering Berry.  Voila.  You are in there like swimwear.

Now, go forth and be fab.  Thank me later!

-Zakiyyah Walker, Sol Afrik “Beauty Beat”

Attitude + Attire, Style inspiration for fashion networking events (evening)

Preparing for a party at which fashion is the featured attraction can be a daunting task. The standards can be quite high. Your attitude and attire are important and actually compliment each other. A fabulous outfit will surely improve your attitude and your attitude will help you pull off your outfit. In short and it’s often true, that if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you look good!

So while you are picking something fabulous, remember to be yourself, personable and put your best flattering foot forward - incorporate trend but do what’s best for your body type and mood of the moment. If you are up to it, add a little “dare-flair” with something bright like a pair of light blue stilettos, something super sexy like a plunging neck line or an open back, or try boldly printed skinnies that are so hot right now!

And ACCESSORIZE! There are times when your ensemb’ is much better left understated and clean. But, if your choice of attire is begging for a little razzle dazzle, go for something fun or unique that stands out. It will be a great conversation piece. C’mon, who can resist asking about cows on a gold clutch?!

Be inspired by our choices her! Comfort, confidence. Chin up and smile! (See also "Makeup for Fashion Networking Events")

- Krystal Williams, Sol Afrik “FFGG Beat”

Pants: Balmain (Dress above: Alexander Wang)